Which Account Type Should I Choose:

There are a lot of different account types. And it can be confusing. First of all if you are a normal user planning on creating a website with SOME website knowledge, you should choose either a normal Windows NT or Linux account (skip down to the next section on Linux vs NT).

If you are a novice user with no programming knowledge, we offer a special account type called EZ. The EZ account type uses online control panels which helps you build your website using point and click means from a variety of ready made templates. You need no extra software or knowledge.

If you are a reseller interested in creating or selling multiple sites then the reseller or VPS options are for you. They are bundled so that you can setup websites quickly and easily, each with their own non-branded control panels.

Lastly, if you are heavy duty user or need root access, try our dedicated servers. Although these are more expensive, the hardware is dedicated so you can pretty much do anything you want with them. And we are one of the only hosting companies on the planet which offers fully managed dedicated hosting.

Which to choose Linux or NT:

First of all, don't think that because you use Windows at home you need to use a Windows NT website server. You don't. Website files made on any operating system will work with Linux. They are usually 100% compatible because they are essentially text. 99% of our clients use Linux based website servers and most of those have Windows PC's at home.

What is the difference? Linux is what we recommend to everyone. We feel it is more stable, it is cheaper, it is better supported, it offers more free software, and it is easier to use if you are a novice. There is virtually nothing you can't do on a Linux account. We only suggest using Windows if you have a pressing need for Cold Fusion, high end ASP or MS SQL server.

What are the differences in costs? Absolutely, you will end up paying less for a Linux box and getting more out of it, because every piece of software we install into our NT boxes has to be licensed. That is why we offer many more Linux plans than NT.

What would we use? If we were a novice we would use Linux. If we were an expert, we would use Linux. Once again, you should only use NT if you have a specific need for it. And if so, we fully support that. In short, if you have no idea which to choose, then Linux is the default choice.