Transfer of an account from a previous provider:

We know that you have come to WEBster Computing Services for a reason. We have the highest quality servers, the speed you need to get your data to your customers, and a staff that literally cares about your needs.

The majority of our clients come from other internet services providers and to that end we offer special programs, most exclusively, to transfer your files over to our services without down-time. We know it may seem confusing, but it is really not. We know some internet providers make it seem impossible to switch smoothly. This is not the case. Our staff does this everyday, and will walk you through the simple steps.

Can we do this for you:

In most cases yes. Always contact us first to do an evaluation of your website. Please provide us with your logins (FTP, SSH, Control panel, etc). This evaluation is free and your login information is 100% confidential. We can usually quickly determine if it is possible in the first few minutes.

Cost of this service:

Whenever possible, we provide this free of charge. Our evaluation will tell us if this is possible. Large scale projects are also possible for a fee.

The steps:

Follow these simple steps to get started with us.

Please note that in some rare cases files can't be transferred from an old provider. If you have concerns please contact us and we'll investigate your current situation ASAP and let you know what can be done.

You don't have to be tied down to a provider anymore just because you don't know how to move. Our staff understands your needs and understands what you may be going through. We have been here since 1996, privately held, for a reason. Let us be your permanent home...thanks