Y comes standard  $ extra, click for pricing
These are just some of the thousands of features built into all of our Linux and CPanel account types. If you have a specific need or question please let us know, we are happy to help.


?Mail: Pop or IMAP Y (unlimited boxes)
Webmail Y (3 types!)
?FTP logons Y
Secure FTP logons Y
?Multiple FTP accounts Y
Online web file manager Y
?SSH shell logons Y (business class accounts only)
FrontPage extensions Y
Website control panel Y
.htaccess supports Y
SSL Capable Y
Domain registration/transfers Y
?Domain pointers Y
?Muliple domain capable Y
?Unlimited subdomains Y 
?Built-in CGI programs (scripts) Y
?CGI-BIN (custom cgi) Y
Custom error pages Y
Hit counter(s) Y
Unlimited Forwards, Aliases Y
Autoresponders Y
Cron jobs Y
Extended and raw logs Y
Webalizer and Awstats log analysis Y
Wordpress / Joomla / Drupal Y
Perl Y
Perl modules Y
C, C++, Tcl, Python Y
Real audio/video Y
Page password protection Y
Mailing list(s) Y
Server side includes Y
Agora Shopping Cart Y
OS Commerce Shopping Cart(s) Y
Apache ASP (for normal ASP choose
a Windows NT account)
Y (not on Linux)
PHP as Module Y
MyPHPAdmin Y
?MySQL database(s) Y 
Enthropy Banner Control, Search Y (not available with Utra-SM)
Archiving Y
Oracle, Db2-5, ProgresQL, Cybase  
Wireless language (WML) Y
24/7 System monitoring Y
Full Technical Support / Docs Y
Spam prevention tools Y
Spam assassin enhanced tool Y
Automatic Site Backups Y
File and Database backup tools Y
Toll free technician emergency paging Y

Discount for resellers Y
Minimum contract (month) 1
?Adult content allowed? please contact us