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Webcs.com Payment System

Billing security & privacy statement

Your security is our top concern:
All payment systems at WEBster Computing Services have been designed for the maximum in security. We use advanced SSL (secure sockets layer) protection for your convenience. After clicking on a credit card or other secure payment link, you will notice the lock icon on your browser changes indicating that your transmission will be secure. A pop-up warning message or two is a normal part of this procedure and finalizes the secure pipeline link between you and our secure servers. During this process, the IP address which you are using to access the internet is logged for additional security.

Credit card data kept off-line:
To increase security, all orders are handled and double checked via a human. Furthermore, original credit card submission data is held off-line (ie off of the internet).

About the forms of payments we accept:
For your convenience, we offer multiple forms of payment. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex and Discover), payments via paypal.com using any bank account or checking account, as well as checks-via-fax.

Data Privacy Statement:
Your personal and financial data, whether it be in the form of credit card, check or other information is protected in our billing office, and will never be sold or otherwise intensionally shared. Credit card data does have to be relayed with our credit card processor.

Your email address will also not be intensionally shared with any other party. Note: we do reserve the right to communicate any data that is vital to the safe and ongoing operation of your account with our server, bandwidth vendors and technical support. We also reserve the right to share personal data with third party collection agencies and law enforcement in the event you violate terms or service, do not pay your bills, or are under a criminal or fraud investigation.

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