WHMcpanel Dedicated Server Highlights

Discounted WHMCpanel (cpanel) licenses: Cpanel licenses are available through us for only $28/month. That is lower (by $3-$10) than you will find at any host or cpanel license reseller. A special thank you for hosting with us.

WHMcpanel experience: Our staff are cpanel experts. We have been using CPANEL since it was first released and we install it into 90% of all clients servers. In that respect, we can help with your cpanel issues and errors. We do not recommend any other control panel system.

Choose your cpanel server: All of the servers on our dedicated server lists are hand selected to work well with WHMcpanel. Just choose your server and we install the software for you and help you tweak your system. server selection

Transfers from other providers: We offer free evaluations of your current host cpanel setup. Migration is easier when you know all the details first. In most cases, we can even match up your existing WHMcpanel settings so your transition will be easier. Contact us for this free work and evaluation.

Disaster recovery: If you hard drive is failing or you need WHMcpanel reinstall, rest assured that we are standing by to assist. With hundreds of disaster recoveries, we limit the scope of any emergency by acting quickly and professionally for you.