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st augustine website hosting

All about webcs

Our server pools and datacenters are spread out across the U.S. (in Chicago, Dallas, Scranton, PA, Kansas City, etc) for better redundancy and for stable and safe networks. WEBster Computing Services' billing and main support hub is in northern Florida. Our techs are all U.S. born and raised. Our datacenters offer the highest quality facilities with state of the art fire surpression and backup systems.

We have been serving the internet since 1996 and as a result are one of the oldest website hosting and server companies on the internet. Our mission statement is simple: "The Customer Comes First And Never Undercut Quality." We do not overfill servers and racks like the majority of hosts. And we are most definitely NOT a discount host. Pricing is based on a scale that allows us to maintain the highest quality for the short and long-terms. This is why we are here after so many years. While many hosts come and go, we will be here. We are a company you will come to and stay with. Moving a site means death to many businesses because moving to a bad or slow host, even for a period, can result in severe damage to your search engine rankings as well as your repuation. Quick servers equal more sales. It is as simple as that.

You are a name at WEBCS, not an ID number. Every problem is important to us, whether it pertains to a large scale corporation or a single site. You will also get brutal honesty here. If we think that something will affect your bottom line or a technology is not in your best interest, we will let you know. The vast majority of our new clients come from current customer referrals.

Our server staff is some of the best rounded in the field, and our owner and founder is an internet business author who wrote the book, Launching Onto The Web for Briarwood Publication in VA. If you need advice, small or large scale design, let us know.

Flexibility: One size doesn't fit all. It shouldn't pain a company to adjust and adapt to the needs of its customers.

Support: Support is a priority at WEBCS, and over the years we have streamlined our methods to best serve you. Our support ticket gateway assures that no issue is ever lost in spam and everything is tracked from inception to solution. Have an issue with server security and making sure emergency issues get addressed? Our staff carries pagers 24/7. If you ever have an emergency issue, you can buzz us directly -- No waiting, no uncertainty, no question if your emergency is being worked on. Just buzz us and sit back. We are already working on your issue.

Believe it or not the name WEBster was not selected just because it has the word WEB in it. Actually this was a happy accident. The company's birthplace was in Webster, Massachusetts. Thus when Webster was thought of the natural WEBster followed. WEBster Computing Services, WEBCS, WEBCS.com, WEBCS.biz, WEBsterCS, the WEBCS-DOT-AND-CURCUIT LOGO, Dialzip, Dialzip.com, and the phrase "Building the web, one user @ a time" are trademarks of WEBster Computing Services...all rights reserved copyright 1996-2016.

We were happy to be recently interviewed by Hosting Review Box.

Contact information

quick contact: To contact us for quick response on all issues, please visit our customer support contact web page.

live chat: for chat please click here. We are available throughout the day.

fax line: 866-77-WEBCS (1-866-779-3227)
NOTE: Our fax lines are for customer use only. Unsolicited advertising to these numbers or any of the email addresses presented on this site is illegal and will be treated as such!

Billing Postal Address:
WEBster Computing Services
1353 Smiling Fish Ln
St Augustine, FL 32080 US

SERVER STATUS AND EMERGENCY NOTICES: For urgent reports of outages or internet conditions which may be affecting your server click on the STATUS/NOTICE link at the very top of this page.

Emergency Contact Information: If you have an emergency issue please report the matter and a technician will instantly be paged to work on your issue. The emergency paging number was provided at account setup time. This pager can also be activated from the web by clicking on the emergency link in the customer support ticket area.

multiple datacenter dedicated server hosting

Multiple datacenter locations

Our dedicated server pools and datacenters are spread out across the U.S. (in Chicago, Dallas, Scranton, PA, Kansas City, etc) for better redundancy and for stable and safe networks.

KANSAS CITY INFO: Dedicated server facilities are located on a private fiber ring connecting to downtown Kansas City. This ring is self healing and includes fiber on diverse river crossings. In the event where the fiber is not owned by us, we use fiber from multiple providers.
A Brocade based network is in operation and is in a fully parallel, redundant design. Our entire network is dual stacked and able to provide both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.

CHICAGO-A INFO: Full concrete hardened structure with 18' to 24' ceillings. Several layers of redundant cooling systems to ensure server systems maintain the proper air quality. Multiple N+1 unit A/C which are capable of sustained usage over long periods of time. The air quality of the datacenter is monitored, environmentally controlled and filtered which help keep the temperature at 70 degrees with 50% relative humidity. Onsite diesel generator backup system.
Multicarrier network with OC-X and Dark Fiber availability.High Availability managed network through redundant Cisco gigabit infrastructure. Internap, Level3 and Cogent meshed together through BGP (border gateway protocol).

DALLAS INFO: This specific dedicated server data center is SSAE-16 TYPE II CERTIFIED. Rnvironmentally controlled, secure data center space. State-of-the-art physical security, networks, and HVAC. Dry-Pipe Zoned Fire Suppression System. Cummins Generation Power – 100% Power coverage, 24+ hour run-time. General Electric (GE) UPS’s with eBoost Technology.
Carrier Neutral Facility with over 50+ Providers available. Redundant Cisco Nexus 7000 Router. Corero Unified Threat Management IPS/IDS DDOS Protected Network Available.

Privacy information

WEBster Computing Services may collect personal data on you or your organization for internal use as well as billing data for account payment. Such information may need to be shared with credit card and payment providers in order to complete charges. As a matter of policy, all such information is kept in house, confidential, and is not disclosed or sold to third-parties (refer to our security and credit card privacy statements for more detail). We do reserve the right to send your personal data to a third-party payment collection agency in the event of non-payment and to law inforcement.

Please note that technical data such as usernames or passwords (or anything needed to assist in repair and support operations) may need to be relayed to third-parties such as data centers and server providers to aid in the normal operations of your purchased services.

Questions on this policy should be addressed to our offices.

One of the oldest hosts in the world. THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE!