Free WHMcpanel License Program

authorize cpanel partner Free WHMcpanel licenses through us: WEBster Computing Services is an authorized cpanel partner. This allows us to get special rates on WHM licenses that are far below normal cpanel rates, as well as priority support from the WHMcpanel techs. All customers with servers through us are eligible for these reduced licenses and receive free support from our experienced staff and WHMcpanel techs.

Some of our servers include a FREE WHMcpanel License offer (see servers). If you are purchasing one of these servers, you will receive a WHMcpanel 100 license for free, as well as discounts if you want to upgrade that license.

Please note that we do reserve the right to alter this offer if WHMcpanel raises their base rates.

WHMcpanel 100 License: This is the most popular license for dedicated servers and allows you to operate up to 100 cpanel accounts (with unlimited domain names and unlimited email boxes).

Licenses for over 100 accounts: Licenses are charged in 50 account increments. They can be upgraded at any time as your need dictates. For WHM's needing more than 100 accounts, the following additional packages are available:

Licenseour pricenormal price
Free WHMcpanel 100free$50
WHMcpanel 150$10/m$60
WHMcpanel 200$20/m$70
WHMcpanel 250$30/m$80
WHMcpanel 300$40/m$90
WHMcpanel 350$50/m$100
WHMcpanel 400$59/m$110
WHMcpanel 450$69/m$120
WHMcpanel 500$79/m$130

for any need over 500 accounts
contact us
rates are $10 per additional 50