WEBSITE DOCUMENTATION: Windows Pro (otherwise known as PRO-NT)


Logging On Via FTP - Transferring Files

Logging On Via PCAnywhere connection

CGI, using

Perl and Scripts, Using
Standard script conventions are used when writing scripts on the PRO-SERIES servers (files must end in .cgi or .pl). Although it is important to transfer scripts (esp PERL) using ascii transfer protocol and not binary protocol to prevent unwanted characters.

We support Activestate's Perl 5.05 (for more information on Active Perl visit )

Although the Perl language is very similar between NT and UNIX, there are still some subtle differences. The biggest change is that the perl interpreter does not need to be called in the way it is handled in UNIX.  In order to have Perl recognize a script, all you have to do is have the file extension end in either .pl or .cgi. This will automatically invoke the Perl interpreter.

Path to perl:  This is unnecessary under NT. In fact, calls to the perl binary at the beginning of a script will cause the script to fail. If you have a UNIX script you are attempting to port to NT, please make sure that the Perl binary is not called at the beginning of the script.

Testing that Perl is working on your server: Cut and paste the following perl code into a file and call it Place it in your HTTP directory and call it through a browser. If perl is working correctly, you should see a list of environmental variables displayed.

                      print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n";
                      for $k (sort keys %ENV) {
                      print "$k : $ENV{$k}\n";

Calling Another Perl Program:   In order to call your other perl program, you need to initiate the Perl interpreter by using the following system command syntax. Remember that this must be within your HTTP directory structure otherwise security will not allow the script to be run (for example, you can not run it from your FTP directory).


Installed PPM Modules:

We can install additional modules.  As always, our support staff must first approve the module for use.

If you receive a PARSE EXCEPTION ERROR this usually means that an installed PPM is out-of-date with the current build of Perl that is installed. We can not guarantee that third party PPMs will operate with every version of Perl that is installed. We will constantly upgrade our versions of Perl, and if a particular PPM falls behind and can not be interpreted, it is out of date and you need to obtain a replacement script.

COM Objects
We supports more commercial COM objects than any other web host. The COM objects we support include (but are not limited to) the following:
Installing my own COM Objects:  You must submit all available code to our engineers for approval. If our engineers approve the COM object code, they will install it for you but your site will be placed into its own memory space. This is to prevent problems with the COM object from affecting other sites on the same server. Please note that this will slow down your site, although, it is not noticeable except on very high traffic sites.

Do you support 3rd party COM OBJECTS? Yes.  However do to the fact that COM OBJECTS can harm server, they must be approved by our technical support department. If there are any stability or security concerns about a third party component, it will not be approved. This is to insure the overall stability and security of our shared servers. There is a $50 one-time charge for installing third party components.

Password Protecting Directories
You may  require that some or all of their web directories be password protected. These requests must be handled by our Support staff.

If you require password security for your directories, let us know  the directories/usernames/passwords in question

Using my Email Account Setting up email for Eudora Email Software version 3:
Setting up email for Eudora Email Software version 4 or later:
Setting up email for Outlook, Netscape and Microsoft:
Setting up LiveStats and viewing logs:
  • Livestats: a commercial program that allows for graphical viewing of web statistics on NT servers.  The commercial version of livestats is usually $10 per month, however, through special arrangement with our vendors it is only $5 for our customers.
    Contact us for activation.
  • When activated it can be accessed via the control panel.

  • Raw logs: NT accounts do support raw logs.  They may be viewed and downloaded.
  • To access them use FTP to goto directory: e:\logs\zebiz_com
    Replace zebiz_com with your domain name.  For example, if your domain is you would replace it with rabbit_net
    If this fails your log files may be on another partition.  Try altering the drive letter to something other than e.
  • Setting up SSL secure pages on NT:
  • You do not need to put your files anywhere special.  All you need to do is change your browser URL from your to your secured server name such as
  • Once you change the URL the page is auto-encrypted in SSL.
  • Note, use SSL sparingly.  It should not be used for any normal webpages.
  • To determine your secured server name you must know your server number.  Contact us if you have forgotten it.  Some of our servers are as follows:

  • NT1---

    Obtaining your own secure certificate: Obtaining your own Verisign, Thawte, or Equifax certificate is only an issue if you need to keep our secure server name out of your links (to hide our identity).  However, this is usually a non-issue since our secure servers are nonbranded as seen.

    In fact 99.9% of our customers use our shared secured certificate without issue.